Thursday, May 29, 2008

The 6 Best Reasons Not To Use Your Customer Information!.........

I've come across several organizations where they've forgotten why they actually have a loyalty programme?

They seem to go through the grind to achieve the processes as defined in the goal sheets without a tangible quantifiable outcome...

What's even more distressing is the total disrespect for the customer data opportunity that exists within their databases.

Now that I've come across this so often, thought it would be a good time to list out the top 6 reasons for not using your customer data.

a. I need a new database
b. We are setting up a new CRM package
c. We are rebranding our current programme
d. We do not have a budget for undertaking any direct marketing activities
e. We are redefining our value proposition
f. Our data is in a mess

One can write tomes on each of these subjects, but quite honestly it is sacrilege not to interpret and analyse your information in a systematic periodic manner.

Would be great hearing your views or any other points that you may like to add to the list!

As a sign off....every time you look at that data, you will find a new perspective on your customers...

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