Friday, July 11, 2008

Guerilla Loyalty!

Was driving past a leading retail chain the other day, when the advertisement led me to take an instant U turn and head instantly towards the store! The tactic was refreshingly amusing and definitely merited a visit at the least.

The promotional campaign was quite simple, wherein it invited loyalty members of other leading retailers and offered a 20% discount on your purchases, provided of course you showed your loyalty cards with the other stores!

Not entirely original, but always an effective method in inviting the serious shoppers. In an environment where similar brands are available across most large format stores, and the absence of high quality store level apparel brands, the choice of store in multi brand formats is quite often led by the ease of parking, the service and ambience and of course any carrots that may be tossed in for a good measure.

This was a fairly new store situated in a street which has over 8 malls in a one kilometre stretch. The promotion obviously had customers flashing the loyalty cards in their wallets and diving into one more. Quite smart. Target the relevant high spenders and drive them in.

This raises another critical aspect and challenge for loyalty programmes w.r.t customer selection. Which customer should you invite to your loyalty programme and which one should you perhaps let go! The "I welcome all" approach results in large programme management costs and the management getting bogged down by the low active rates on occasion.

Most mass market retailers have either no / low entry barriers for their loyalty programmes, and the common criteria being the value of purchase on the day or in a defined period of time.I often question the perceived value of a product / service which I receive with extreme ease! Hence, do these programmes make the necessary initial impact at the welcome stage or was there a missed opportunity? Also, is the ticket size the only feasible entry criteria?

Hence, could all customers purchasing Swarovski crystals by default be invited to the programme, or men purchasing ties! What gives the customer's entry into the programme that distinctive edge, and in the bargain makes your customer selection more relevant and accurate?

As an endnote, I did'nt end up purchasing a single item at the above mentioned store, as at the cash counter they politely indicated that I needed to make a purchase equivalent to approximately USD 75 to avail of the offer ( I was a few dollars short...) ! And yes, I did leave without a single purchase. They definitely got the buzz, but lacked the fizz.....

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