Tuesday, October 14, 2008

CRM (Crummy Relationship Marketing).

You would think the marketers at CRM magazine would have a clue as to how they should manage relationships with their subscribers. But several times a week, and sometimes as frequently as 3-4 times a day, I receive e-mails that read something like this:

Dear CRM eWeekly Subscriber,
As a subscriber of our newsletter we thought you may be interested in…(insert advertiser’s product, service or upcoming event here)…

You’ll see by the salutation I signed up for the CRM eWeekly newsletter, not the CRM e4xDaily newsletter. And I don’t recall signing up for promotional e-mails. While it’s possible I didn’t click-off on a negative option box, you would think someone there would realize this kind of promotional e-mail bombardment is not going to win CRM, or its advertisers, any fans. Especially since CRM never inquired about the types of products or events I might be interested in.

How often should you send e-mail? As often as you can make the information contained within the e-mail relevant to the reader, whether that’s twice a week, twice a month or twice a year. Or else you risk the recipient taking the same action I’m about to take against CRM—opting-out of receiving e-mail messages altogether.

Tom Rapsas, Creative Director-Writer-Strategist, tomrapsas@gmail.com

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