Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Is the timing right?

Much has been written of the global economic downswing in recent months. As business managers the world over attempt to redefine their business models and trace the elusive "economic value", the key challenge remains "How should I engage my customer?"

That being said, resources are crunched and liquidity continues to be an expensive luxury & any marketing investment would really need to kick in those returns at a quicker pace.

So, would you be considered senile, if you should consider launching a loyalty programme in this environment? Over the last couple of months I've come across organizations performing well (which is a refreshingly welcome sight) and others who bravely navigate these uncertain times.

Well..its rather like marriage. If you think you've got it right...go for it and heres why..
1. You can make realistic projections and not inflate numbers to impress the top brass (not that you would get away with it even if you were to try)
2. If your business case were to show value in tough times, you would truly rock when the business turns around the corner
3. Stakeholders would adopt a new programme and participate more actively to generate business, and this perhaps is the biggest benefit which cannot be quantified in an excel.

This is the right time if any...go for it!

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