Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Bling Bling!

Bling = flashy, ostentatious jewellery

Bling Nation, A country of rappers with gold bullion dripping all across, well not exactly.....,

A fairly young firm, with a ton of funding has rolled out possibly the first convergence of RFID. mobile and banking systems. Quite a heady cocktail!

Customers are issued RFID stickers, attached to their mobile phones. These in turn linked with their bank accounts, as in the case of a debit card. When tapped on POS terminals, configured with this solution, the payment is completed, with confirmations being Hence a contactless payment solution, without the hassles of issuing smart cards etc.

The solution breaks open new ground even further, allowing retailers to offer loyalty rewards to customers opting for this payment service.

Targeting smaller communities and markets that are not serviced by larger banks, Bling Nation offers pure convenience to customers and merchants are drawn in with lower fees.

This definitely promises to be a company to look out for.

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